Changes at Artified

Some of you may have seen on Facebook our announcement of changes at Artified and I am afraid that you might think it is more exciting than what it is.

We have come to the end of our lease at the warehouse we are in and have decided not to stay...we will be online for a little while as we try to find a more suitable place to set up shop again.

Don't worry about the classes we have arranged for both Finnabair and Dyan's Classes to be just down the road at the Rowville International Hotel. If you are thinking of staying there if you call them and say you are coming for the class they will give you corporate rate of $125 (this is for the rooms with larger beds, they have some with smaller beds that if you search you can get cheaper rates).

Smaller classes will be held back in the old space we started at in Wantirna.

So as the lease ends at the End of the Month and we really don't want to pack up everything we are having a SALE

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  • Nicole Brown on

    Yes I am wondering this to. I have sent multiple emails as well and no reply. It has also been a month for me as well. Would like to know if items have been posted, if so when. Would like confirmation of when package was posted. ie: tracking number. At least let those who have ordered and payed a lot for their items, if and when items will be sent. Or refund money if able to send items. I am down a lot of money and if I don’t hear back soon, I will be contacting my bank!! PLEASE REPLY

  • Sarah on

    Any idea when you will be sending out orders? I have been waiting over a month now. I appreciate that there are personal issues, but if you were unable to send us the goods that you sold, then you should not have announced a sale or accepted peoples money. My emails are going unanswered and your facebook page is shut so it is starting to appear that you have simply stolen my money and disappeared. I wonder how many other people are in the same position ?

  • Rebecca Phillis on

    I placed & paid for an order on 21/6/19 on Artified’s online store.
    Have not received it
    No one will return my multiple enquiry emails to find out what the hell is happening!!
    I used After pay and the phone number provided by Artified is no longer working….
    Very POOR customer service all round

    Very very poor customer service

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