Gel Medium - 13arts

Gel Medium - 13arts


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Dispersive medium, thick, indelible after drying, waterproof, milky-transparent. Packaging - 120ml.

You can be mixed with acrylic paints, inks in water to give appropriate color.

Perfect for bonding, transmitting invoices, transfers, glazing, applying the mask / templates.

Medium increases the adhesion of paints while strengthening the image of the surface and making it flexible. The gel was mixed with paint or applied to the surface even more vivid image, and adds them to glow. After drying, the product effect is irreversible.

Drying time up to 24 hours. 

Water-dilutable medium thick, waterproof and almost transparent when dry. Can be used as an all-purpose glue, image transfer, sealer, paint extender, and it create glazes and textures. You can apply it with masks and stencils or with different tools. You can mix it with acrylic paints and water inks Achieve a color gel. It can dry up to 24 hours.

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