Fall / Winter Walnut Hollow Paint System

Fall / Winter Walnut Hollow Paint System

$18.00 $21.00

WALNUT HOLLOW-Paint System: Winter and Fall.

These four distinctive glimmer mediums are a perfect complement to each other. Use individually or layer together for a truly unique; custom loo to your projects; rich in color and texture. Apply to metals; wood; fabrics and paper.

This package contains

one 2 ounce bottle of Decadence Chalkboard Glimmer Mist;

one 1 ounce bottle of Riptide Glimmer Mist;

one 1.35 ounce jar of Dirty Martini Glimmer Glam Glitter Paint;

one 1 ounce jar of Chianti Glimmer Glaze.

Acid and lignen free.

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